Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Adidas highly perceives Adidas lightweight soccer cleats as very vital to wear to significantly boost speed. And, the feedback of soccer players are always their first priority in every product they manufacture in the world of soccer.

Of course, it is just right to design soccer cleats that would above all consider the comfort of its wearers.

Hazim Kulak, the product manager of Adidas also shared that the reduction of weight is crucial to soccer players since weight is a very robust and dynamic driver for speed. Basically, this reduction in weight is what remarkably helps players when it comes to executing to the maximum level and it has been the company’s dedication to being on the forefront of technology in soccer.

In addition to this, the firm is amazingly proud of the Adidas lightest soccer cleats design and highly believe that it would assist players be capable of developing and boosting their game performance and experience. The impressive and uniquely designed boots have been examined for abrasion and wear and tear strength, and this is to guarantee that it offers appropriate shield.

The shoes come with 1 mm polyamide outsole that provides more strength and rigidity, a distinctive stud layout that guarantees speedy movements, as well as a woven polyester mesh on its upper body. It is significant to note that the materials have been meticulously examined by both professional and amateur players. Moreover, its one-of-a-kind stud layout allows speedy movement in any direction.

The game-changing Adidas lightest soccer cleats demonstrate a progressive phase in product innovation and technology in the field of soccer. These are specifically designed to make players both faster and lighter, providing them some physiological and psychological advantage while playing.

The stunning Adidas lightest soccer cleats were severely examined for abrasions and incredible strength. What is more, the speed range is primarily aimed at boosting the performance of player with agility and raw speed. At the same time, guaranteeing players are shielded in a progressively speedy and competitive soccer game.

Ultimately, with limited pairs for sale around the world, the soccer cleats have withstood wide-ranging player testing- consisting of the globe’s professional soccer players, the semi-professionals and the amateurs.

Here are the unique features of the lightest soccer cleats manufactured by Adidas:

  • Very light upper manufactured from one layer of woven polyester mesh.

  • Designed with 1 mm polyamide outsole that minimizes weight; however, comes with extreme rigidity to execute at the maximum level.

  • Manufactured with distinctive stud layout that is especially intended to guarantee the speediest range of movements in any directions.

Please be guided that the lightest soccer cleats are just a few of Adidas’ so-called limited collection in footwear. And, these are released in restricted quantities and, the best of all; they are highly acclaimed to have the special distinction to proudly show off the most out-of-the-ordinary in Adidas innovation in the world of soccer.

Now, you know, these soccer cleats aren’t just for aesthetic purposes but more especially to immensely boost agility, speed and guarantee thrilling, innovative and extraordinary gaming experience and performance.


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  • Mark

Soccer is a relatively safe sport but injuries like sprains, strains, dislocations, and fractures can happen. Reduce the risks of trauma or damage by following these safety tips:

Make proper preparation

Preparation is key when it comes to staying safe while playing soccer. Do this by training before the game season starts so you will be ready for the competition and ensure that your training increases in both intensity and duration. Engage in fitness programs that develop strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance and include injury prevention routines to your training program. It’s also important to develop both individual and team skills with your coach acting as a guide. Furthermore, make sure you warm up before each game and cool down after.

Wear the right gear

The right gear can help protect you while playing so wear a custom-fitted mouthguard at all times.

Wear shock absorbent and correctly fitted shin guards. You can ask for advice from a professional as to choosing the appropriate shin guards for you. Another way to reduce the risk of injury is to wear the best soccer cleats you can get your hands on. You should also consider preventive ankle bracing or taping.

Check gear regularly and scout the playing field

The playing field can also pose hidden dangers to players so it’s important to check and maintain the surface to eliminate hazards.

Ensure that the goals, whether permanent or portable, are securely anchored to the ground. Portable goals should be constructed from lightweight materials and should be dismantled, removed, or attached to a permanent structure after each use.

There are appropriate soccer balls for players of varying age and gender so choose accordingly and replace balls that have lost their water-resistant qualities.

Know what to do in case of injury

Staying calm is essential in dealing with injuries or emergencies on the field and one of the ways to keep a level head is to know what you should do if you’re confronted with this type of situation. First, be familiar with first aid treatments regarding sprains, strains, dislocations, and fractures. It’s also important to seek prompt medical attention from a professional to prevent further damage, especially if the injury involves the head or in case of concussion.

When a player gets injured or is bleeding, he or she needs to be removed from the field right away. Although taping and bracing have been shown to decrease the risk of injury, it may not be appropriate for you so make sure to seek professional advice before doing so. Finally, return to playing only after you are fully recovered.

Other tips

Keeping yourself properly hydrated is necessary to prevent injuries related to heat so practice drinking on a schedule and not only when you feel thirsty. Drink fluids rich in electrolytes, such as coconut water to provide additional energy. You should also be familiar with the warning signs of dehydration, such as dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and headache so you will know when you should stop practicing or playing to get some rest and drink some fluids.

Soccer is a great activity for people of all ages. Keep these safety tips in mind so you can fully enjoy playing the sport.

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  • Mark

Dribbling, juggling, passing, and trapping - these are some of the basic skills all soccer players need to know in order to play well.

Here are simple tips if you want to learn these techniques yourself.


Juggling is an important basic skill to learn in soccer because it helps you perform other essential skills during a game. It is also a good way to gauge if you can control a soccer ball. This doesn’t mean you have to perform juggling tricks during the game but doing so while practicing can help you become more comfortable in your ball handling skills when you’re actually playing.

When you practice juggling, aim to manipulate the ball in various ways, such as juggling with sidespin, topspin, backspin, and even without spin. Learning these tricks will also help improve your passing skills.

To improve your juggling abilities, make sure to keep your toe down and your ankle locked while hitting the ball with the laces of your shoe. Then, from your hands, drop the ball to your dominant foot and hit it back to your hands. Keep practicing until you're able to hit the ball twice with your dominant foot. The next step is to do the same with your other foot. Increase the hits without using your hands and alternate between your feet. Keep improving by setting an increased goal at the beginning of each week.


Once you've mastered juggling, the next skill you should work on is trapping. To begin, kick the ball as high as you can under control. As the ball is coming down, use the top of your foot to settle the ball to the ground. Make sure not to let the ball bounce high on your foot or away from you as you're settling it. Trapping is an important skill to learn because it helps keep the ball close to you and away from the players of the other team. It also allows you to play fast.


Dribbling is essential in making strategic plays as it requires you to think a couple of plays in advance, Lionel Messi is one of the best ones. It helps you visualize where you're going to push the ball so the defender cannot get to it. To develop your dribbling skills, keep your eyes trained in front of you and not on the ball while you run with it.


Proper ball passing takes more than just moving the ball away from you and towards your teammate. You need to be able to direct the ball towards your teammate with minimal effort on his or her part when receiving it.

You can work on some passing drills even while practicing on your own by using a target, such as another soccer ball or a cone. To start, place the target about 10 yards away. Move the ball on the ground with both feet and pass it by hitting the target. Keep doing this until you can hit the target repeatedly. Then, start increasing the distance between you and the target to further develop your passing skills.

When you can expertly pass the ball on the ground, work on passing the ball in the air. Begin with a distance of 20 yards. Practice hitting the target in the air but keep in mind that when you pass the ball in the air, your teammate should be able to easily trap it. This means the ball should be low enough so your teammate will only have to lift his or her foot slightly off the ground in order to trap and play the ball.

These skills may be basic but executing them properly during matches requires having the right equipment, especially the best soccer cleats as well as hours and hours of practice. Fortunately, practice pays off so if you put in the work you’re sure to reap the rewards.

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